“Sex Texts from the Bible”

Today was such a great Church day!  This was the beginning day of our adult Christian Education study of Dr. Teresa J. Hornsby’s book Sex Texts from the Bible.   We were delighted to have Teresa Hornsby join us to speak to the class in the morning and then speak again at lunch following worship.

Dr. Hornsby is Associate Professor of Religion and Director Women and Gender Studies at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri.

Her humor, insight, and way of approaching the texts with such honest openness was a delight for everyone.  We are really looking forward to our study of sexuality in the Bible using her book.

During both sessions today and the time following them, I realized and appreciated the atmosphere of joy, relaxation, delight as people in the congregation and visitors talked about sex and sexuality.   When we decided to do this study and to invite Teresa Hornsby to be with us, we realized that it would mean asking folks to pay for their books and to contribute toward expenses to have her join us.  (We’re a small, financially challenged congregation and do not have this in the budget.)

We had to laugh at the speed with which hands went up and wallets opened to purchase the book!  Then we saw this usual class of 10-12 expand to 25 this morning.  Worship attendance was up.  Energy high.  Laughter abundant.

In these challenging times, when people are anxious and tense, perhaps we need to remember to celebrate life!  As our financial secretary said, upon seeing the money coming in for copies of Sex Texts from the Bible, clearly “sex is recession proof!”

Let it be so!!