Beginning Again …

I’ve been away so long that I considered wiping the slate clean and starting a whole new blog… but that takes time I do not want to spend on the technicalities. So … starting again in the same place.

Of course, I’m not in the same place — we never are — The fall was caught up in teaching the every other fall History and Polity of the DOC class that I teach.  This round with 15 students.  At the same time, the congregation was entering a growing and baby-booming time.  We’ve been birthing and blessing babies and welcoming new families with children.  At the same time we are welcoming more GLBT folks who find an Open and Affirming, mission focused community in which to live nurture faith.

We have, of course, been through the most amazing presidential election of my lifetime.  After doing door to door voter registration, and phone bank working; then experiencing the absolute joy of seeing someone with solid principles, true faith, and a just vision elected as President, I find myself still just smiling at times!

Then the joy of the inauguration and seeing a diverse nation celebrate.  We were delighted and so very proud of our General Minister and President, the Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins, as she preached at the National Prayer Service  on the day following the inauguration.   I realized at that time that we have a President who is aware of the depth and breadth of the Church.  One who reaches beyond the limits of the religious right, to a spectrum of faith leaders who view the world on a more complex level, who truly seek to embody and lead us into the oneness that is in God.

There are — and always will be — those who cling to the small minded, exclusive box that has come to represent people of faith.  But it is a joy to hear  the voice of the Church universal in the public realm.

Well, not many words today … just a beginning again ….


One thought on “Beginning Again …

  1. Jacque,

    It is a blessing to see you back and blogging again!!! I have often wondered (and worried) if things were alright. But it is good to hear of growth and new energy and life coursing through your wonderful community! Thanks be to God.

    I still have a piece in mind for you and Compton Heights Christian. That has been pushed to the back burner as I manage all of the busyness (and business) here at Park Avenue Christian. The ministry goes very well and I would love to find some time to talk soon, as time allows.

    Blessings and peace…so good to see you sharing from the richness of what God has placed in your heart!


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