Helpful Redirect!

I appreciate Bob Cornwall’s comments on the book UnChristian and his redirect to the book From MySpace to Sacred Space by Amy and Christian Piatt.  I’ll look forward to checking it out.

The Spirit’s movement was apparent this evening!  My spouse and I just attended the farewell celebration for a wonderful friend, Paul, who is moving from his position as Pastoral Musician at Trinity Presbyterian Church here to be come the Pastoral Musician at Park Avenue Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in New York City.  I feel privileged to witness the transformation of one congregation and to anticipate the transformation of another  through one who truly understands music as prayer uniting God’s people across our many languages, cultures, and experiences.  The language of music — It surely is a Pentecost thing!!


One thought on “Helpful Redirect!

  1. Hey, welcome back from that blogging sabbatical! I’ve missed reading your thoughts here. Having had a few blogging sabbaticals of my own, I sympathize with the need to sometimes remain silent and just let it all sink in. But it’s good to find you here again.

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