Autumn Leaves

What a wonderful morning! A small group of us gathered at the church to rake leaves. We had not planned this for today, but quickly pulled together a group when we found out that the city would be picking up leaves on our street on Sunday. It is one of those perfect blue sky autumn days. The yellow, orange, and red leaves that glowed in the trees just days ago, now cover the ground. In about an hour and half we had the church yard raked, and one of the flower beds mulched. Then we placed the new park benches given to the church by a generous member and garden lover!

As our lawn and garden area is still developing, the placement of the benches required an eye to the future as well as an value of the present. The church faces on a major busy street. In front of the church is a bus stop, where people wait and disembark all day. There is no shelter or seat at this bus stop. Therefore our benches may provide a place of rest in the shade when the summer heat is oppressive. We have had times of prayer and caring conversation outdoors. We want the garden to invite people out of the building and into natures and the sounds of the city around us. We wanted the benches to invite conversation. Therefore we placed them to create a conversation place, where people may not only sit side by side, but face each other in comfort to talk. Would the benches generally face the street or the church? Look out to the activity of the city or toward the church gardens and building? We ended up with a little of both, but more of a look toward the peaceful garden circle where the Peace Pole will stand.

Conversation this morning was wonderful and the church is a little more welcoming for the work done.


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