Compton Cares Update

Judi has been taking pictures as demolition and construction are beginning at Compton Heights CC.  And she has created a blog to share the progress with friends near and far who are supporting this important step in our ministry.  I’ve added the blog to my blogroll and hope you will follow our progress … and if nearby, come worship with us.  This is an exciting time for others to join us in this ministry in the city.  The blog is:

We are excited about this new commitment to be a progressive church presence in the St. Louis city.  It is a gift to build a community in mission and celebration in place.  Upcoming events include: September 16 — Homecoming Sunday with Dinner, and compiling Women’s Prison Kits for each inmate at the Vandalia facility.  These will be distributed through the Festival of Sharing.   That weekend will also be the 3rd Anniversary of “Happy Friday”– our outreach on the street each Friday Morning from 6:45-8:00 AM!!    Saturday, September 29, 4:45 — Our Choir will sing in the celebration for the 10th Anniversary of the Garden District.   Friday, October 5, an evening viewing and discussion of the movie “Amistad”.  This is a part of our Reconciliation Ministry to be an anti-racist, pro-reconciling church.   Sunday, October 7 will be a celebration of Reconciliation and World Communion Sunday.  On Sunday, October 21, we will host an ecumenical Children’s Sabbath Worship at 10:30 AM.   And Sunday night, October 28 will be a Halloween themed Game Night in the Fellowship Hall.

So, while we are under construction, we are fully in ministry!  Please visit the Compton Cares Update blog!


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