Destruction and Construction

Following my somewhat reflective, “isn’t it wonderful” piece on beginning the work toward accessibility …. We’re now 3 days into the process and — all the afore-said still holding — this is the truth of the moment: I’m sitting in my office and the ‘taking apart’ that comes before the ‘building’ is loud and violent sounding. There is a dust that is in everything and on everything and, at least it feels like, through everything! What was the nursery is filled with a pile of rubble and mangled steel. Old bathrooms and kitchenette have been ripped out — none too soon, if you’ve ever been in them, but nonetheless it is shocking to see.

On the east wall of the now rubbled nursery is a bright fun mural of the Noah’s Ark story. This wall will remain and will become the wall of one of the new restrooms and Noah and the animals will be covered over. (At least they’ll be near water!) For now, Noah, Ms. Noah, and the bright happy looking child-friendly beasts (a pair of each) are overseeing the destruction. It seems such a stark constrast, but, then again, that’s what the story is about in the first place: living through destruction with a promise on the other side. It will seem that the known world is ending. Relationships on the boat get tense, to say the least. And when land comes, what resources will they have to continue this new life? What will it be like? Who will join them? Is there anybody out there?! Ahhhh! The Rainbow! The Promise. I need to relax and keep on trusting…