Thanks for Firefox!

I’ve been unable to access the posting/writing part of “Faithstones” for several days since suddenly everytime I would click on “write” or “post” my Safari web browser would crash. It was awful! Then the good folks at WordPress apologized for the problem, told me they were working on it and suggested a couple of different browsers that do not have that problem. One of them was Firefox. Then the very next day a friend suggested Firefox. Ugh, I thought … I hate dealing with this stuff, and way too many programs are a pain to download and get working. But without other options on the horizon, I tried it. This is marvelous! Firefox downloaded with no problem and then transferred all my bookmarks and “stuff” in an instant with no problem and was up and working. It’s a miracle! And its interface is so clear and useable! Who knew?!

Okay, no thoughtful reflection today — just grateful for a working browser!


One thought on “Thanks for Firefox!

  1. Congratulations on your successful transition to Firefox! Also, I gave this link to a friend, Doug, and you may be hearing from him. He said in an email to me that your reflections are quietly eloquent. That’s praise from him, by the way!

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